Strategic Planning

Selecting and implementing strategy is the primary job of the CEO. The CEO must remember that the purpose of strategic planning is to preserve and grow economic opportunity. How an organization conducts its business; how it sets targets and how it achieves its goals are the essential issues of the strategic plan. The plan must define the set of actions and the moves and organization will pursue to establish its success. The best measure of a CEO’s success is how well they craft and execute the strategic plan.

You can’t simply march haphazardly into the future. Griffin Hill has created a complete system for strategic planning called Positional Strategy™. Using its proprietary set of research tools ( SAVI™), Griffin Hill helps its clients to secure and grow top line revenue. Deborah Newman, a Vice President at Xerox Connect says, “Griffin Hill helped us reach our goal of being number 1 in revenue and profitability. The Griffin Hill system helped us exploit our strengths and gave us the competitive edge we needed.”

Positional Strategy

Griffin Hill’s Positional Strategy™ relies on a combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology. One ancient strategist, Sun Tzu who lived around 500 BC, helped clarify the importance of position in the game of strategy.

“The art of war teachers us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; Not on the chance of his not attacking but rather on the fact that we have made our own position unassailable.” Sun Tzu

By expecting competitive attacks, Griffin Hill helps its clients protect their organizations in three important ways, research, analysis, and innovation.


In addition to its use of centuries-old wisdom, Griffin Hill uses proprietary technology in its research tools, including the Strategic Achievement Value Index™ (SAVI™). Using SAVI™, Griffin Hill helps its clients discover the hidden power inside their organizations and protect against Trojan Horses that could distract or destroy them.

SAVI™ has the capacity to capture and analyze thousands of hours of research in 60 minutes or less. In this way the Strategic Achievement Value Index™ is a breakthrough in management science. It allows Griffin Hill and its clients to innovate road map solutions that are reliable, scientifically valid, and that help clients secure a competitive position.


By arming our clients with Positional Strategy™, Griffin Hill makes heroes of CEOs. In economic conditions littered with the bodies of failing CEOs, we help the CEOs of our clients lead with confidence because of our scientific approach. Their confidence is seen as bold and decisive and they are secure in their resolve.

Securing a competitive position is what Positional Strategy™ is all about. Positional Strategy™ helps Griffin Hill clients

  • Preserve and grow economic opportunity
  • Protect against painful errors
  • Stack the odds in favor of their success

Instead of an 80% mortality rate, Griffin Hill clients have better than a 97% success rate. The combination of ancient wisdom and breakthrough technology simply puts the odds of success in favor of our clients.