Business Organization Leads to Success

If you were asked to identify the most important part of your organization, what would it be? Upper management? Your clients? Would the most important asset of your business be your influence in the community? Your website design? The truth is, extensive research has been done that answer this question. At Griffin Hill, we know what kind of business organization structure it takes to win. We have found the answer through studying previous research and conducting our own.

        One of the most powerful assets to your business is the individuals who work at your company — your employees – not just as working cogs, but as real people with real hopes and dreams and fears. They are the most important part of your business. They make things happen. They are the hands that set things in motion. Without working employees, a business fails. An article from about how employees are more important than clients states, “Employee happiness and well-being come before everything else—including signing up new clients.” This article then continues to expound upon the importance of building a real relationship with one’s employees. We know this to be true because of the Griffin Hill model SAVI, a business organization system proven to make businesses greater than ever before and to give them winning strategy. People make up a huge portion of what decides if your company succeeds or falls short.

        It turns out the people that you employ are even more important than that though. A recent article written by Michael Schneider spoke about Google’s research study that lasted two years and monitored 180 companies. Their research identified several points found in all good companies and the results are interesting. Most of these companies are centered on employing hard working people and then helping them perform their jobs. Some of those included helping employees get a proper vision, helping employees feel that they have an important, positive impact, and helping employees find personal significance in what they do day to day.

SAVI, the Griffin Hill system includes elements meant to help your employees and also addresses other crucial elements to help businesses succeed. If you feel that your business needs a boost – start with your employees.