Change – Embrace Achievement

When you hear the word “change,” what are the first feelings and impressions that come to your mind? Does that word have a negative or positive connotation to you? The truth is that humans are creatures of habit. We love and feel safe when we are immersed in the familiar. We sometimes even go as far as shielding ourselves from change. By doing so, we cease to improve. Change is required for the high achievement of any business leader or team.

        We live in a society that has become increasingly cushy. We can easily order products, FaceTime our friends and family, pay our bills, get directions to any place we want, and so much more just with a few taps on your phone. Now we can even conserve precious energy by using voice recognition rather than our fingers to send messages or Google things. We can spend all day without hardly leaving a chair. We put in as minimal physical effort as possible and keep ourselves neck deep in our comfort zone, hardly moving or budging at all.  We avoid or remove things that are uncomfortable, difficult, strenuous, or painful because of our love of ease and comfort. This kind of lifestyle is a perfect narcotic for permanently killing achievement and personal growth because unlike ordering groceries on your phone to be delivered to your door, achievement is hard. The success that comes from change can be painful and uncomfortable. There isn’t an app that will achieve your goals for you.

        The reality is that sometimes uncomfortable, painful changes are required to succeed. An interesting study about runners in Kenya questioned why so many world-class athletes originated there, almost double as many that came from America. The conclusion was that these athletes were adapted to uncomfortable circumstances. At a young age, the young men go through ritualistic torture where they are forced to endure great pain to be considered a valid member of society. Because of this, their endurance to discomfort and pain is very high. Although Griffin Hill would never certify such behavior as a method to become a higher achiever, the simple truth is that the more we jump out of our comfort zone to achieve our goals, the more likely we are to become the achiever we want to become. Change is the key not only for a business leader but for everyone. 

        Griffin Hill teaches the principles of change – how to do it right, and how to use change as a way to become who you want to become. As we change appropriately we begin to close more deals, we begin to let go of our less-successful self and become who we have always wanted to become – a high achiever, a winner, and a thought leader of our field of choice. Learn more about Griffin Hill’s theory and become more effective as a business leader and as a team player.