At Griffin Hill we know from statistical research that most corporate training participants experience an immediate improvement in productivity.  However, without regular reinforcement of the principles taught, productivity quickly wanes, and within 90 days attendees have typically reverted back to whatever levels of performance they were experiencing prior to the training.

In order to meaningfully influence a corporation’s culture, Process and Plays must become habit.  Griffin Hill’s coaching rotation solves this problem.  Griffin Hill has developed a coaching methodology that rotates topics through different aspects of competence: analytical, theoretical, practical, and developmental.  In less than an hour each week our coaching sessions develop habits that improve competence and consistency over the long term.

Griffin Hill Sales System

Our most successful products to date is the Sales System. This proven sales coaching technology increases top-line revenue for our clients. Productivity, close rates, margins, and success percentages all expand while the sales cycle shrinks. Click here to learn more.

Corporate Achievement System

Our newest product, the Corporate Achievement System, brings Griffin Hill’s technology to every segment of the workforce, giving employees the tools to increase profitability and demonstrate their value to the organization. Click here to learn more.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Griffin Hill can do for you, just call our toll-free number (866) 866-8292, and we would love to hear about your goals and priorities.