Be Innovative

It shouldn’t be a revelation for anyone that Sales, Marketing, and Technology are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. In the last 10 years alone, 15 models of the iPhone have been designed, put in use, and replaced by newer models. Technology moves so rapidly that keeping up with it is almost impossible. Looking at the entertainment industry, we have gone from costumed low budget films to entirely immersive CGI and even now 4D movies with chairs that shake and mist that can spray the audience at applicable times. Be Innovative has become the slogan of every company, and for good reason. Sales and Marketing have had to jump on the roller coaster of the fast-paced technology to keep up with it. Companies who want to succeed need to be nimble, adaptive, and current.

If you want to stay current and be innovative, then it is wise to look at great examples in the marketplace. One great example of this is the Utah based company The Void, known for their incredible Virtual Reality gaming experience – the next level of laser tag entertainment. By simply putting on a vest and a VR helmet, one can suddenly find themselves in a Ghostbusters’ New York apartment armed to fight ghosts. Here are some of the incredible things they are doing that can be adapted to any company:

1)    They Look Current

The Void, both in their marketing, their webpage design, and their technology are presented as being current. Although your business doesn’t need to put all of your employees into the most high tech Virtual Reality helmets as their uniform in order to be innovative, looking current for your audience is powerful and shows that your business has a pulse and knows the marketplace well.

2)    They Partnered With Good People

The Void recently partnered themselves with a company both current and nimble – Disney. Again, partnering yourself with Disney, 20th Century Fox, or Apple may be out of the question for now, but partnering your image with similarly current and nimble companies can build your image and strength.

3)    They Made It All About Their Customers

The Void has gained such powerful traction not just because of the new technology they have, but because of their desire to deliver valuable material to their audience. In the end, those who love their audience and strive to deliver them value will win. They will earn the audience and they will earn the revenue.

In this day and age the goal is to be innovative. The Void used tools to innovate. Now you can use similar tools to do the same. The success will be yours. Keep moving and never give up!