Asking Questions: The Power of Needs Audit

Most people are aware of the phrase, “Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.” What this means is that a doctor should not prescribe medication or a treatment until they have correctly diagnosed the problem. The same holds true in sales. What benefit is it to your customers if you sell them something they have no use for? That is exactly why asking questions is important in the sales system.

When sales reps jump to conclusions they start offering ideas prematurely. Imagine your doctor prescribing a medication to you before even hearing much about your issue. Would you trust that taking that medication would help you? Of course not! What a good doctor does is ask good questions. And that is the solution. In the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System, one of the steps is called Needs Audit. Learning this step helps sales reps learn how to ask questions not just to sell, but to really help point their prospects in the right direction and provide them with the services they really need.

At Griffin Hill we know that buyers benefits. The way to get to those benefits is by asking the right questions. Asking good questions allows your suspect to discover for themselves what solution they need to solve their problems. That’s when the prescription that you offer will have weight to it. Asking questions builds trust and helps prospects open up.

But what types of questions should you ask? Going back to the example of sitting down with your doctor, what question do you think would be more effective: “What symptoms have you been noticing?” or “Does your head hurt?” The answer is the first. Open-ended questions are a must to understanding your prospects need. Remember, sales is all about them, not about you. Your job should never be to force your prospect to purchase your service when they have no real need. Your suspect needs to share with you more than a “yes” or a “no” answer. After receiving some good answers, don’t be afraid to drill down to find the root of the problem. If you can guide your prospect to a solid solution, their trust in you, your knowledge, and your experience will increase.

The Needs Audit is a powerful step in the Integrity Sales System, but to be ready with the right questions, it takes time to prepare. The Needs Audit is something you can learn and it is something you can experience to boost your number of closes. At Griffin Hill, we know the path to higher success and the systems behind achievement. If you would like to learn more about the Needs Audit, the Integrity Sales System, or desire help if any area of your business, we invite you for a personal, exclusive consultation about your goals and priorities. Click the button below, fill out the form, and we will contact you to schedule your free consultation.

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