Beachbody Webinar Series

Join us on August 30th at 5:00 pm for the second of five free Beachbody webinars designed specifically to amplify your success! Dr. Baird, CEO and founder of Griffin Hill will discuss the Griffin Hill difference – a principle and system that will help you achieve more. Years of experience, research, and trial were the growing soil of the system.  It is backed with sound logic and the powerful principles behind human psychology and individual achievement. You will be given the tools and information needed to revolutionize your Beachbody experience and become some of the highest achievers in the business. Join the highest ranking entrepreneurs in the industry and sign up for the free Beachbody webinar series today by clicking below. Also, read below to learn more about the first webinar in the series.

Webinar 2: The Strength in System

Founded on Human Psychology

The High Performance Journal is based entirely off of principles of Human Psychology. The High Performance Journal is more than just a dollar notebook at the grocery store. It is designed to boost your revenue, increase your success, and get you to your goals. Dr. Baird will discuss how you will feel safe knowing that your journal is there to help you win!

It Goes Where You Go

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Life is mobile, and so is your High Performance Journal. Your reflections, action items, and goals will go wherever you go, as long as you have an android or apple device. You will be able to not only easily see your progress, but you will be able to use

the High Performance Journal wherever you go.

Don’t Just Think — Act!

Journals typically deal a lot with thought. Dr. Baird will discuss how the High Performance Journal will focus you in on action. The journal makes it easy to turn your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration and transform them into actions that you can implement right away to get to the goals you want.

Build Your Strengths – Minimize Your Weaknesses

Dr. Baird will discuss the power the High Performance Journal holds to ultimately build your strengths whether they be in business or in your personal life and how to minimize and negate your weaknesses. The Journal is designed to do these things which has been proven to increase success and productivity.